Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State University, post apocolypse.

DiHS has resisted posting anything to try and avoid a knee jerk reaction to what is going on up at Happy Valley. There are so many words and so many emotions that could describe what is being endured. Sympathy, pain, sorrow for the victims; and shock, embarassment, and shame from the standpoint of the University. What the heck are we to do now?

Joe is gone. Who in the world thought it would happen like this? He was supposed to go (if he didn't die in the pressbox) on the shoulders of an entire Commonwealth. Graham is gone. 25 years of service, leading the University into the new millenium, see ya. What's next?

We are going to reserve judgement on what happens until after the full investigation has been completed, but jeez it doesn't look good. What happens now? What do you want to happen now?

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Big (pre)Game

With all of the horrible weather that has flooded out the roads to Happy Valley, Paternoville is still alive and well.

To try to get front-row seats in the student section for Saturday’s game against Alabama, Penn State students began pitching tents outside Gate A of Beaver Stadium on Monday afternoon.

As of Thursday, 112 tents were set up with a total of 950 campers at the aptly named "Paternoville." The turnout is among the largest in Paternoville history, said John Tecce, the president of the Paternoville Coordination Committee. Though it feels like it hasn’t stopped raining this week here in Happy Valley, not one tent has dropped out of Paternoville, Tecce said.

It is customary for members of the Penn State team to visit to interact with campers during the week. On Thursday evening, dozens of Nittany Lions – including quarterbacks Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin, running back Silas Redd and wide receiver Derek Moye – stopped by to mingle with fans at Paternoville. The players took pictures and signed autographs. Some Lions even played games of trashcan football, a commonly played game at Paternoville consisting of tossing a pigskin into a large trashcan from about 20 yards away.

“It’s unbelievable,” McGloin said. “I don’t picture myself doing it especially with the weather conditions we’ve had this past week. That just shows you what kind of support you have from the student section here at Penn State.”

With contributions from Jake Kaplan Read more:
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Monday, August 22, 2011

The World Today

Who needs reoprters anymore? As we all hang by a thread to the latest updates from the blogosphere, its none other than Jimmy Rollins himself (@JimmyRollins11) who breaks the news  that he's got a grade 2 calf strain and is headed to the DL until September. So much for my job, reporters, tweeters, and anyone else who wants to get up to the second information. Directly from the horses mouth, J Roll breaks it down for what we have looking forward to. As an elder statesmen, it doesn't make me too comfortable to hear that he's got a bad wheel. The only solice is that he can rest and recoup the rest of his body to get ready for the stretch run (is there technically a stretch run if we clinch before opening kickoff of the Eagles?) and post season.

Now is when we really need Polly to have a twitter acconnt...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Social Media King

The Reds have @DatDudeBP and the Marlins have @LoMoMarlins. That is all well and good for them, but since Twitter exploded the Phillies have put the Kabash on those in the organization using Twitter as a forum of interaction with the fans. Too bad that policy doesn't seem to effect those 'gradfathered' into the rule, that is having a preestablished twitter following. Enter @HunterPence9

There have been so many good nuggets of knowledge that HP3 have dropped on the Philly faithful. From his #letsgoeat to the spraypainted cleats, and finally the donut on the bat, it seems like the man can genuinely do nothing wrong. And to top it all off, he wants you to enjoy in his successes too. There has never been a Phils player to bring you as personal a journey as Hunter has, and we've known most of these guys for over a year. In the span of a few short days, @HunterPence9 has given us a glimpse inside the Philies lifestyle and lockerroom that we have been waiting for. Sure @mikestutes opened the door, but @HunterPence9 surely let the floodgates loose with his intimate and personal tweets to the city of Philadelphia. At this point, there is nothing that Hunter could do to turn us off. He has the key to our city. Just keep protecting the Big Piece (batting over .400 since HP3 has been here) and getting your own, and you will become a legend.

If it isn't obvious yet, go follow @HunterPence9 @mikestutes and @vanimal_49

Update: He changed his name. @HunterPence3 

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I love it. I know its cheesy, I know everyone has used it, but I love it. It's so him. Since the last post by DiHS, HPThree (as he wants to go by via Twitter) has played two games in Pinstripes. One RBI on Saturday, followed up by the game winning run on Sunday. Providing protection for Ryan, who went four for four yestersday, is where the real value comes in for the team.

The value of Pence for the fans will make him all the more endeared by those watching from the sidelines. Spraypainting his cleats, getting coffee with Chase, borrowing Clifton's cowboy boots are things that the readers of DiHS eat up. I know you. By all accounts, Pence is a great community/team guy and someone who gets what Philly is all about. I'm really starting to believe (yea I know it's early) that he could rival the popularity of the last full time RF that the Phillies had. Instead of 'The Beard', let's hear it for 'The Weird'. Eh, yea. Pence-sylvania is much better.

So far he's said all the right things, done funnier ones, and been responsible for runs crossing the plate in both weekend games. As the calendar flips over to August in a few hours, here's hoping we get to experience three more months of Hunter in 2011. If that's the case, he's my odds on favorite to say something memorable a la Chase's 'WFC'.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would you give up the Pharm for Pence?

We are rapidly approaching the trading deadline and the Phillies are looking to acquire a bat that would put them over the top to win the World Series. Many names have been thrown out there: Melky Cabrera, Josh Willingham, Carlos Quentin, and maybe the most intriguing is Hunter Pence. With the Giants trading for Carlos Beltran last night it becomes more imperative that the Phils make the deal for Pence. Pence is only 28 years old and is in the prime of his career. He is a career .290 hitter and averages 25HR and 90RBI’s per season. His homerun numbers are down a little bit this year (11) but he doesn’t have a lot of protection in that lineup. Also, imagine him at CBP with the short porch in left.

The main discussion is what we should give up to acquire Pence. Jayson Stark reported that we offered Jared Cosart, Jonathon Singleton, and another pitching prospect and the Astros declined the offer. It appears that if the Phillies want to acquire Pence they will have to up the ante. That may mean parting ways with 23 year old Domonic Brown. Brown has had his up and downs this year, his first full year in the big leagues. He has had his moments when he looks like he will be a future all star and other moments when he looks like he wont be any better than Travis Lee. The price to get Pence would be high but it would be worth it if it meant winning another ring. This offense isn’t good enough at this moment to win the WS and not winning the whole thing with this pitching staff would be the biggest disappointment in team history. I have full faith that Rueben will do what it takes to make this team better and Pence would make that happen. Get the deal done; give the Astros what they want.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

USA Women beat Brazil 2-2 on Penalties

Holy Hell. That football match was the finest thing I've watched in a long long time. Unreal sequence of events.

2' OG Brazil, US takes 1-0 lead.
65' Red Card to team USA (Buheler), Brazil to take PK and USA will be down to 10.
67' Hope Solo makes an incredible (legal) save, is called off the line or encroachment and will rekick.
68' Marta puts the second shot in the back of the net after Hope Solo gets a yellow. 1-1
90' Full time. Going to Two, Fifteen minute extra periods.
92' Marta is probably offsides, but puts it in the back of the net. 2-1 Brazil
105' end of 1st period, fifteen more to go.
122' In the most unbelieveable turn of events, in stoppage time of extra time, Maria Rampione puts an excellent cross on the head of Abby Wambach to tie it at 2-2 and send it to PKs
PK Diane A (3rd PK) saved by Hope Solo
PK Alex Kreiger (Former Nittany Lion) makes it 5 for 5 USA PKs to take the win.

Please watch the replay at 12AM Sunday night/Monday morning at 12:00AM

Halfway Home

After today, the Phillies will be at the figurative halfway point of the season, with somewhere between a 1.5 and 3.5 game lead in the NL East over Altanta.

Its over. Stop Worrying

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Needed To Put This Out There

 Big Homie 

 Big Homie 
 Big Homie 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Flyers Make Drastic Changes

I'd love to write you a big long piece, but things are happening way too quickly. Hop on Twitter people, you know who to follow.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Difference Makers: Life Lessons

Hopefully some of you watched or DVR'd the ESPN special tonight on leadership, character, and in general the wholesome experience of life/collegiate athelete/human being. This will go without saying to all Nittany Lions, but jeez do we have someone special in State College. Joseph Vincent Paterno is a man amongst men. He is a coach, leader, teacher, man, and friend. Having touched the lives of so many athletes and been part of half a century's worth of a Penn State student's college experience, Joe is in a rare position that few people ever attain -- a voice. As you know, Joe speaks gospel. Anything this man says will be listened to by thousands, if not millions of people and alumni around the globe.
DiHS and many many others wish JoePa could be at the helm of the Football program (and, essentially, University) forever. How fortunate are we to be students (or even alive, you youngsters) with Joe Paterno affiliated with Penn State? But alas, this is not possible.  Savor the moment. People like this do not come around every so often. We are in the midst of a legend. The best thing Coach K said tonight was that the Joe Paterno statue is not big enough. JoePa is more then a man. He is a beacon of truth to those that listen. He is a model to live by. He is truth. He is love. He is JoePa.
Enjoy Coach, people. Guys like this don't come along every day.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thoughts on the new look Flyers

Plain and simple, the Flyers team of a week ago was not going to win a Stanley Cup as constructed. So the argument becomes: do you want to always be in it but never get to the top, or realize when you don't have a shot to take it to the top and rehash a plan that could possibly get you there? The former theory is one I like to call the 'Sixers Theory', where middling in mediocrity and getting to host a playoff series every year is just enough. The Flyers fall in the latter stage because Ed Snider will not settle for less than a championship (as has been stated many times, he does not have the passion for the basketball club, and DiHS fully supports the sale of the team).

The club with Carter/Richards at the helm simply were never going to make it to the top. The word that best describes that core of guys has to be inconsistent. Let's look at the last three seasons, shall we?

08-09, the Flyers started the season 0-3-3, or pitiful in other words. Many may remember the last game of the regular season, against the Rangers, for a number of reasons. Carter scored his 46th, the Flyers gave up their first SHG of the season, and the only appearance of Jamie Fritsch in a Flyers uniform. But everyone remember that home ice advantage was on the line for the Flyers, who only needed to secure one point from the Rangers, who were locked into a road date with the Capitals regardless of outcome. Up 3-2 in the third, the Flyers gave up two goals in the third and lost 4-3, forcing them on the road against Pittsburgh for the 4v5 matchup, which they bowed out of in 6.
09-10, the Flyers struggle through the regular season and only get in on a shoot out win over NYR. The team catches lightning in a bottle, as both goalies turn in out of body performances. We witness Lappy go through a gruesome injury, a historic comeback over the Bruins, and getting the fortune of facing a Montreal team that went the distance against Pittsburgh and Washington. Face it people, that team had no business being in that final, and the beach ball goal that Leighton let through was symbolic of the season they had on the whole.
10-11, the Flyers come to play, roll through 2010 and January showing real promise and a legitimate shot at the presidents trophy. Kris Verstink comes in at just about the time the wheels start to fall off. They limp into the playoffs, need an OT goal in Buffalo to stay alive, and get their asses handed to them by Boston.

Each of those seasons had ups and downs, and they could never put together a full season's effort. The reason a team slips up is if there is no backbone, no firm leadership. That should have come mainly from Frick and Frack, 17 and 18. Partying in Sea Isle, fighting with the media, whatever it was, those two guys could not handle being in the leadership roles that they had undertaken. Something had to give, and it was both of them.

With the trade for Bryz, it was known that salary had to go somewhere. Hopefully our readership is not as boneheaded as The Weekend Guy Tom Robinson on 97.3 ESPN South Jersey. Even though the cap went up 5 million dollars ("Give that money to Bryz and that's that." Genius weekend guy, genius). Giroux is entering into his new deal that will pay him well deservedly, Leino's UFA status, and JVR, Carle, and Marmaduke contracts on the horizon, some decisions had to be made. Instead of shipping one of those guys out, Carter assumingly, the brass decided to move them both. The combination of trades not only changed personnel, but changed the culture of the squad. Out are Richards, Carter (and Carcillo) and in come Schenn, Voracek, and Couturier (Simmonds excluded to help the following argument). The cracker jack research staff here at DiHS found that every one of those players had worn the C at the junior level, and are all considered hard working, no nonsense players (see? Just ask Drew Daughty how much of a partied Wayne Simmonds is).

The talent level of next years Flyers can be debated, but the attitude can not be. This team will have a winners attitude, and without question a chance to contend now and in the future. The old foundation had showed you everything it could give, and that was not going to be enough. The Flyers brass wants to win, and they made the necessary steps of Bryz, Schenn, and others to give this organization the chance do that. Let's see what happens July 1, as we can try to paint a more detailed picture of who will open the season in Boston this coming August.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where were you when...

The final five out of the pen (Kendrick, Romero, Herndon, Baez, Valdez) combined for 9.1 IP, 1H?
Baez gives his best Phillies performance, going for five strong and an AB sans pine tar?
Scott Rolen gets plunked by Valdez?
Chooch played Third Base?
Wilson Valdez becomes the first position plater to both start a game in the field and get the win since some guy named Herman Ruth?
The Phillies beat the Reds 5-4?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DeChellis Fired, Beaver Canyon Rejoices

By now you've all heard the news that yes, Big Ed has taken his talents to Annapolis. Do you really trust our shores if they are making this kind of decision?

Instead of harping on the awfully frustrating past, lets take a look at the future shall we? Here are the top names, based on how Tim Curley wants to steer the program for the next few years.

Obvious Choice - Pat Flannery (unemployed) last coached at Bucknell, stepping down in 2008 citing health problems. Many of you may remember his famous win on March 18, 2005, a dark day in Lawrence, KS where the mighty Bison stole a 14/3 upset over the Jayhawks. Curious timing that ESPN (via AP) is reporting that Flannery made a statement today that he feels 100% and Penn State would be a great opportunity for any coach.

Safe Pick - Rob Jeter (Milwaukee) has a ton of elements going for him. Born in Pennsylvania? Check. Worked in the confrence before? Check. Grew up in the largest city in the BigTen foorprint? Check. Used to working with mid-major rosters? Check. Don't overlook this guy, he wouldn't come in with too high expectations, something Tim Curley would love.

Shooting for the Stars (semi-realistic) - Larry Brown. When directly asked on a radio interview in Philadelphia today, Larry Brown would not say 'no' when veejay and Penn State alum Mike Missanelli directly confronted LB with the possibility of dipping back into collegiate coaching again. He would bring instant clout and a renewed energy to the basketball program in Happy Valley not seen since 1954. Look it up youngsters.

Shooting for the Stars (Dickie-V's twitter) - Bobby Knight, c'mon. Nothing about Bobby Knight fits the Penn State image. We'll see you in November Dickie.

Who else did we leave out? Who would you like to see?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Phillies Injury Updates

The list of Phillies that are on the DL is pretty long and not something you like to see this early in the season. However, it looks like that list will start get smaller. J.C. Romero came off the DL on 5/4 and pitched pretty well this past weekend.  Joe Blanton is scheduled to start tonight in Florida. Carlos Ruiz is eligible to come off the DL on Friday 5/13 and will most likely be playing in a few rehab games down in Clearwater this week. Jose Contreras will start throwing off the mound tomorrow and could be making some rehab appearances later on this week as well. Roy Oswalt is about 1 rehab start away from re-joining the big club. Oswalt was put on the DL due to back issues this past weekend. However, it is retro-active back to April 27th. The forgotten man Brad Lidge will begin his throwing program in 10 days. The man that everyone is keeping a close watch on is Chase Utley. Utley went 5-7 with 2 homeruns in his first game in extended spring training. He is scheduled to play in another game today. This is very good news for Phillies nation. 

Despite all of these early season injuries the Phils have started 22-11 and are 2 and 3.5 games in front of the Marlins and Braves respectively. This makes this current 8 game road trip (3 in Fla, 3 in Atl, 2 in Stl) a great early season test for the Fightin’ Phils. Stay Tuned…

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Union Match Wednesday 5/11 vs LA Galaxy

Anyone want to go to Union/LA Galaxy? Get 5 of your friends to follow us on Twitter (@DiHSblog) and get them to tweet #DiHS for $5 off your ticket curtosy of Dipping in Hannah's Storm! And if enough people are going to show up, we'll bring the case(s).


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need a Cinco de Mayo recipe?

From our friends at El Encanto in Cave Creek, Arizona comes a favorite for Cinco de Mayo. Celebrate the 149th aniversary of the Mexican defeat of the French army in Texas. It was the last time any nation had a successful invasion on Amerivcan soil.

Alright there's your history lesson for the day, onto the good stuff.


1 green pepper
1 red pepper
2 lbs boneless chicken breasts
1/3 teaspoon chili seasoning mix
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 clove garlic
garlic, salt, pepper hot sauce (to taste)
4 tortillas
2 cups vegetable oil

0.5 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1 jalapeno
1/4 cup half-and-half
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
1 cup grated monterey jack and cheddar cheese

Directions:Prep Time: 15 minsTotal Time: 45 mins

1Dice your peppers, onion,and the chicken.
2Add seasonings.
3Cook in a saucepan until vegetables are soft and the chicken is fully cooked.
4Remove from heat.
5If you have a deep fryer start to heat it up.
6If you don't, use a big pot and heat the 2 cups of vegetable oil.
7You will be deep frying!
8(Tip:Flour tortillas are easier to work with when they are warm)
9Fill the tortillas with the chicken mixture and roll.
10(Tip: You might want to use tooth picks to keep the tortillas closed in the deep fryer).
11Place the filled tortilla in the deep fryer until crispy and brown.
12When done place on a paper towel to soak some of the grease.
13Put the finished tortillas in a baking dish large enough to fit all 12; set aside.
14Preheat oven to 325°F.
15To make filling: In a blender, Put the cream cheese, sour cream, half& half, garlic, and Jalapeño blend until creamy.
16Spoon the mixture over the tortillas, until covered sprinkle cheese on top.
17Bake in oven until the cheese has melted.
18Great with Mexican rice!

Feel free to share some of your own.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to 2011 Raul

So it looks like we have our left fielder back. 

Granted, he is still below the Mendoza line, but since the humble beginnings of DiHS, Raúl Ibañez might be the Phillies best player. 4 out of 5 tools? I'll take it.

Also, is it just me, or am I the only person who thinks that we have seen Sloppy Joe throw his last pitch as a Phillie? With an injury I can't pronounce (what is an impingement anyway?), a plethora of teams dealing with rotation issues, our current needs with the bat, and the albeit small sample size emergence of Vance and his Warriors; something inside me says we have seen the last of Big Blue. Unless he shows up down I-64 at the Kentucky Derby (Take 'Twice the Appeal' and 'Uncle Mo' in the exacta and thank us later) with a   mint julep in hand, we may never see him again. Stay tuned for a more in depth breakdown of the Derby 2011.

Moral of the story; Raúl is back, right? What do you think?

Flyers Down 3-0 to Bruins

Well, this is a simple question... can they do it again? Leave your thoughts below.


Day One. Welcome to Dipping in Hannah's Storm, or DiHS as we affectionately know this blog as. Like our leading lady; we will provide an intelligent and light hearted angle to the latest and greatest in the world of sports.

Much more to come in the following days. Get ready.