Thursday, June 30, 2011

Difference Makers: Life Lessons

Hopefully some of you watched or DVR'd the ESPN special tonight on leadership, character, and in general the wholesome experience of life/collegiate athelete/human being. This will go without saying to all Nittany Lions, but jeez do we have someone special in State College. Joseph Vincent Paterno is a man amongst men. He is a coach, leader, teacher, man, and friend. Having touched the lives of so many athletes and been part of half a century's worth of a Penn State student's college experience, Joe is in a rare position that few people ever attain -- a voice. As you know, Joe speaks gospel. Anything this man says will be listened to by thousands, if not millions of people and alumni around the globe.
DiHS and many many others wish JoePa could be at the helm of the Football program (and, essentially, University) forever. How fortunate are we to be students (or even alive, you youngsters) with Joe Paterno affiliated with Penn State? But alas, this is not possible.  Savor the moment. People like this do not come around every so often. We are in the midst of a legend. The best thing Coach K said tonight was that the Joe Paterno statue is not big enough. JoePa is more then a man. He is a beacon of truth to those that listen. He is a model to live by. He is truth. He is love. He is JoePa.
Enjoy Coach, people. Guys like this don't come along every day.

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