Monday, August 22, 2011

The World Today

Who needs reoprters anymore? As we all hang by a thread to the latest updates from the blogosphere, its none other than Jimmy Rollins himself (@JimmyRollins11) who breaks the news  that he's got a grade 2 calf strain and is headed to the DL until September. So much for my job, reporters, tweeters, and anyone else who wants to get up to the second information. Directly from the horses mouth, J Roll breaks it down for what we have looking forward to. As an elder statesmen, it doesn't make me too comfortable to hear that he's got a bad wheel. The only solice is that he can rest and recoup the rest of his body to get ready for the stretch run (is there technically a stretch run if we clinch before opening kickoff of the Eagles?) and post season.

Now is when we really need Polly to have a twitter acconnt...

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