Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State University, post apocolypse.

DiHS has resisted posting anything to try and avoid a knee jerk reaction to what is going on up at Happy Valley. There are so many words and so many emotions that could describe what is being endured. Sympathy, pain, sorrow for the victims; and shock, embarassment, and shame from the standpoint of the University. What the heck are we to do now?

Joe is gone. Who in the world thought it would happen like this? He was supposed to go (if he didn't die in the pressbox) on the shoulders of an entire Commonwealth. Graham is gone. 25 years of service, leading the University into the new millenium, see ya. What's next?

We are going to reserve judgement on what happens until after the full investigation has been completed, but jeez it doesn't look good. What happens now? What do you want to happen now?

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