Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DeChellis Fired, Beaver Canyon Rejoices

By now you've all heard the news that yes, Big Ed has taken his talents to Annapolis. Do you really trust our shores if they are making this kind of decision?

Instead of harping on the awfully frustrating past, lets take a look at the future shall we? Here are the top names, based on how Tim Curley wants to steer the program for the next few years.

Obvious Choice - Pat Flannery (unemployed) last coached at Bucknell, stepping down in 2008 citing health problems. Many of you may remember his famous win on March 18, 2005, a dark day in Lawrence, KS where the mighty Bison stole a 14/3 upset over the Jayhawks. Curious timing that ESPN (via AP) is reporting that Flannery made a statement today that he feels 100% and Penn State would be a great opportunity for any coach.

Safe Pick - Rob Jeter (Milwaukee) has a ton of elements going for him. Born in Pennsylvania? Check. Worked in the confrence before? Check. Grew up in the largest city in the BigTen foorprint? Check. Used to working with mid-major rosters? Check. Don't overlook this guy, he wouldn't come in with too high expectations, something Tim Curley would love.

Shooting for the Stars (semi-realistic) - Larry Brown. When directly asked on a radio interview in Philadelphia today, Larry Brown would not say 'no' when veejay and Penn State alum Mike Missanelli directly confronted LB with the possibility of dipping back into collegiate coaching again. He would bring instant clout and a renewed energy to the basketball program in Happy Valley not seen since 1954. Look it up youngsters.

Shooting for the Stars (Dickie-V's twitter) - Bobby Knight, c'mon. Nothing about Bobby Knight fits the Penn State image. We'll see you in November Dickie.

Who else did we leave out? Who would you like to see?

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