Sunday, July 31, 2011


I love it. I know its cheesy, I know everyone has used it, but I love it. It's so him. Since the last post by DiHS, HPThree (as he wants to go by via Twitter) has played two games in Pinstripes. One RBI on Saturday, followed up by the game winning run on Sunday. Providing protection for Ryan, who went four for four yestersday, is where the real value comes in for the team.

The value of Pence for the fans will make him all the more endeared by those watching from the sidelines. Spraypainting his cleats, getting coffee with Chase, borrowing Clifton's cowboy boots are things that the readers of DiHS eat up. I know you. By all accounts, Pence is a great community/team guy and someone who gets what Philly is all about. I'm really starting to believe (yea I know it's early) that he could rival the popularity of the last full time RF that the Phillies had. Instead of 'The Beard', let's hear it for 'The Weird'. Eh, yea. Pence-sylvania is much better.

So far he's said all the right things, done funnier ones, and been responsible for runs crossing the plate in both weekend games. As the calendar flips over to August in a few hours, here's hoping we get to experience three more months of Hunter in 2011. If that's the case, he's my odds on favorite to say something memorable a la Chase's 'WFC'.

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