Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would you give up the Pharm for Pence?

We are rapidly approaching the trading deadline and the Phillies are looking to acquire a bat that would put them over the top to win the World Series. Many names have been thrown out there: Melky Cabrera, Josh Willingham, Carlos Quentin, and maybe the most intriguing is Hunter Pence. With the Giants trading for Carlos Beltran last night it becomes more imperative that the Phils make the deal for Pence. Pence is only 28 years old and is in the prime of his career. He is a career .290 hitter and averages 25HR and 90RBI’s per season. His homerun numbers are down a little bit this year (11) but he doesn’t have a lot of protection in that lineup. Also, imagine him at CBP with the short porch in left.

The main discussion is what we should give up to acquire Pence. Jayson Stark reported that we offered Jared Cosart, Jonathon Singleton, and another pitching prospect and the Astros declined the offer. It appears that if the Phillies want to acquire Pence they will have to up the ante. That may mean parting ways with 23 year old Domonic Brown. Brown has had his up and downs this year, his first full year in the big leagues. He has had his moments when he looks like he will be a future all star and other moments when he looks like he wont be any better than Travis Lee. The price to get Pence would be high but it would be worth it if it meant winning another ring. This offense isn’t good enough at this moment to win the WS and not winning the whole thing with this pitching staff would be the biggest disappointment in team history. I have full faith that Rueben will do what it takes to make this team better and Pence would make that happen. Get the deal done; give the Astros what they want.

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